“Wierzynek” Restaurant — Wierzynek Room

The legendary “Wierzynek” Restaurant in Kraków. We were delighted with the owner’s idea to decorate this unique and venerable place with gilt leather upholstery. It proved one of our most intriguing projects to date; it required of us that we find novel and unorthodox solutions. The need to isolate our gilt leather from air conditioners, the sheer size of the panels, and embossing gilt leather paintings in a mixed technique — these are some of the challenges we faced. The walls of Wierzynek Room are decorated with ca. 130 gilt leather pieces with Iris (flower) design. The biggest panel is 310 x 218 cm, therefore the use of special stretching frames was necessary in order for the leather to stretch freely without introducing any aesthetic flaws. The decorative panel “Wierzynek’s Birds” is a design prepared exclusively for the restaurant. We modified the “Bird of Paradise” pattern, at the request of our Investor. The one-of-a-kind element of the newly developed design is a pair of exotic birds — a motif drawn from an enormous painting displayed in Wierzynek Room. Thus, we were able to provide a unique piece of gilt leather that cannot be reproduced in any other project.