What we do



Conservation of the cordovan upholstery at the Wawel Royal Castle in Kraków. As part of the work done between the years 1992-2000, AC Partnership Conservation has performed the conservation of the entire collection of cordovan upholstery from the castle chambers. This realization equipped us with the knowledge on the technology for making cordovans the traditional way.



In 1998, in cooperation with The Leather Conservation Centre in London, the company has completed reconstruction of the cordovan upholstery for the Callendar House, a Scottish castle. At that time we have developed our own original method of transferring relief patterns in a way allowing for the preparation of a matrix that produces a spatial pattern identical with the original one.


Between the years 1999-2005 we have manufactured a substantial quantity of differently patterned cordovans for a US company, Classic Revivals, that were meant for contemporary residences.

One of our most recent realizations (2013) is the wall upholstery for a Polish private investor. Our cordovans are now decorating a charming wine bar in the cellars of a historic manor house.